Putnam County

Ottawa, OH - County Seat


 Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities


124 Putnam Parkway, Suite D

Ottawa, Ohio 45875


Business Phone   : (419 523-0122

SSA Phone           : (419) 523-0115

E.I. Phone            : (419) 523-0124

Fax Phone           : (419) 523-0121

To report abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of an individual with a developmental disability, please call

(419) 889-2980


In an emergency, please call 911 or (419) 523-3208


Mission Statement:

To assist and support individual choices in social, emotional and economic growth by providing the highest quality services through a team approach.

Vision Statement

To provide in the future a broad sense of community awareness that improves the quality of all our lives through a true partnership of consumers, families, staff, board, and neighbors.


Welcome to Putnam County Board

Brookhill Center

Since the mid- 1950’s the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities as more commonly known as Brookhill Center has provided services to both children and adults who have developmental disabilities. As with most county boards, parents were an integral part of the services for their children. While the Putnam County Developmental Disabilities program today may not look anything like the Brookhill Center of times past, the commitment to the developmental of services and support requested by the eligible individuals remains the same. The Putnam County community has supported our efforts and in turn we are proud to represent and serve the consumers and families in a comprehensive effort.


Positive Culture/Good Life Ally

We are firm believers in creating a culture for all to thrive in a positive environment. We continually explore ways to demonstrate positive interactions and ways to treat all people with respect and dignity. We continue to explore new ways to better insure that all staff practice this intention!


Service & Support Administration

Staff coordinates services and supports needed by individuals with Developmental disabilities to achieve positive outcomes for success in their daily lives.


Early Intervention/ Help Me Grow

Early Intervention provides services to families and children from birth to age 3, with a developmental delay. The program helps children grow and develop in the best way possible.