Putnam County

Ottawa, OH - County Seat


Putnam County Engineer:

Michael L. Lenhart P.E. P.S.

245 E. Main St., Suite 205

Ottawa, OH 45875

Phone: 419-523-6931

Fax: 419-523-6014

Office Hours:

Mon.-Fri. 8:30AM - 4:30PM



The County Engineer is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all county highways.  There are currently 327 miles of county road and 616 mile of roads under township jurisdiction.  The County Engineer is also responsible for:


  • Erect and maintain road markers and road signs
  • Remove snow and ice
  • Stipe roads
  • Mow road sides
  • File and update road records
  • Name roads




            Drainage Ditches

The Putnam County Engineer, under the direction of the county commissioners, is responsible for a wide variety of ditch and tile improvements through the Ohio dainage laws petition procedure.  Forms for petitioning a ditch, tile, or waterway are available in the Engineer's Office.  There are approximately 775 miles of open ditches and 227 miles of tile ditches in Putnam County.  There are Currently 390 miles of ditches on maintenance.  Other responsibilities in regards to drainage are:


  • File and update drainage records
  • File drainage changes
  • Ditch maintenance program
  • Supervision and design of petition projects 




The County Engineer is responsible for constructing and maintaining all bridges under county and township roads.  There are currently 270 bridges under the County Engineer's jurisdiction of various types and sizes. The County Engineer is also responsible for:


  • Annual inspection of all bridges
  • Inventory and numbering of all bridges
  • Evaluation of the condition and load bearing capacity 




 Survey References

The Putnam County Engineer's office files and updates the following survey references:


  • Cornerstone index and reference cards
  • USGS Benchmarks
  • Platbook index
  • Road Right-of-Way records
  • Original survey records


Services & Policies

The Putnam County Engineer's office provides a wide variety of services to the public which includes:


  • Private drive pipe design
  • Roadside tile drainage assistance
  • Roadside gutter maintenance
  • Road cut request
  • School bus turn-around assistance


The County Engineer is responsible for replacing and maintaining all pipes with a diameter greater than 18 inches.  There are currently 896 pipes of various types and sizes under county and township roads.  The County engineer is also responsible for:


  • Design of replacment structure
  • Regular inspection
  • Evaluation of condition
  • Inventory and numbering 





The County Engineer is responsible for producing, filing, and updating all tax maps.  He is also responsible for reviewing all new descriptions of subdivisions.  The County Engineer also files, updates and/or distributes the following maps:


  • Putman County map
  • Ohio map
  • Township maps
  • Plat book
  • Village maps
  • Cemetery map